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lyrae is a one man music project from Helsinki.

The idea behind LYRAE came from small piano pieces I'd written in the past few years. These impromptu's I then combined and mixed with piles of unused riffs and harmonies that until now had rotted in my distant memory or various drawers.

Answers-EP is the result for now. More to come...



All music written, played and recorded by Kari Härkönen, except for the beautiful cellos in Bethesda played by Joonas Vapaavuori, and all drums recorded with Matti Suvela at Ukkostudio. Matti also did the final mix with me. EP was mastered by Jaakko at Virtalähde mastering.
Huge thanks also to other friends that helped this come alive: Kimmo, Valtteri, Joonas and Jarkko for loaning their instruments; Kiffe for the help in mixing; and homefront for overall support!




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